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the healthy skin barrier approach

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Whether you are dealing with adult acne, or simply irritated and rapidly aging skin, the key lies in healing your skin barrier from the inside out. I'm here to show you exactly how to do that!

🔎 The Root Cause: Inflamed Skin Barrier 🔍

Many chronic skin issues, including persistent acne and irritation, stem from an inflamed skin barrier. This essential protective shield is meant to keep your skin healthy and resilient, but factors like hormonal imbalances, stress, and improper skincare practices can leave it compromised and dysfunctional. The result is dull, sensitive and acne prone skin that doesn't respond to even the best skincare products!

I'm not about quick fixes or superficial solutions. My mission is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to heal your skin barrier from the inside out, allowing your skin to thrive naturally. By addressing the core issue, you'll finally experience the results you've been searching for!

"Thank you so much Sara, so glad I found you!!"

“I’ve seen people sending you photos of their skin before and after your amazing work that’s helped so many people. I just wanted to show you mine nearly 2 years on. Thank you so much for everything!”


"I’m very proud of how far my skin and confidence have come!"

“I have such confidence in my skin now and even when I do have a bit of acne or comedones I don’t think about it and I just leave the house with my naked face. I love it, thank you!”

About Me

Hello, I'm Sara

I am a former scientist with a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology and a certified Primal Health Coach. After battling persistent acne myself for over a decade, I am dedicated to helping people worldwide achieve clear, healthy and glowing skin. My Skin Rebalancing Protocol and 1-on-1 coaching have helped thousands get the beautiful skin they deserve.

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Countless women who had once lost hope in finding a solution have experienced life-changing results with my guidance. They had tried “everything under the sun” until they discovered the power of skin barrier repair. Now, they have clear, glowing skin and a newfound confidence!

No more guesswork and frustration. I'll create a tailored skincare regimen based on your unique skin type, concerns, and goals. Your skin will receive the love and attention it truly deserves.

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clear skin diet

Simple Skin Healing

This online course will help you understand what to eat for for a healthy skin barrier, which modern “foods” to avoid plus yummy recipes that will make this easy and sustainable!

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best skincare practices

Skin Rebalancing Protocol

This is a perfect option if you currently struggle with inflamed acne or comedones and need the best skincare routine to care for your skin. Get all my skincare guidelines without the consult!


"I am so happy I found Sara and the Skin Rebalancing Protocol!"​

“Her approach completely changed the way I view skincare and even just a few weeks into the course I found myself espousing her philosophy to others! It really helped simplify skincare for me. Now, I feel equipped to see through all the noise and hype in the industry to find the best products that will actually work for me. My routine hasn't changed much for nearly two years now, which is a testament to how well this works and how simple skincare really should be!”

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The Skin Barrier Fix

No matter what your skin concern is, you simply cannot resolve it without healing your skin barrier first! In my new book, I will show you exactly how! This is the best place to start if your skin is showing signs of skin barrier dysfunction.

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