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If you have arrived here it is likely you have seen one of our full-page paid advertisements in the Friday, April 25th, 2008 edition of Daily Variety or their electronic newsletter, perhaps in the Monday, April 28th edition of The Hollywood Reporter , or maybe you saw the billboard in California !

We, the fans of the television series “Jericho," are loyal to the point of spending almost $20,000 of our own money to make our point to the television industry and particularly to the principals of television networks considering purchasing this program...

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"Jericho" has sparked not one, but two massive fan campaigns to restore our beloved television show. We want potential buyers to know that over six million fans are prepared to bring eyes to screens for your advertisers. It is a good business decision. "Jericho" can be the anchor to your prime time line-up for years to come.

Why should you go where CBS failed? It is simple; CBS has not treated this program with the care and patience that it required. In beginning of season one, the ratings hovered at about 10 million. Then CBS put "Jericho" on hiatus losing millions of viewers only to be brought back three months later and cancelled shortly thereafter. The fans made television history, shelling CBS with over 40,000 pounds of peanuts. CBS listened and reinstated the program for a shortened season. In an open letter to the fans, Nina Tassler charged the fans with the responsibility to market "Jericho." Coming off the heat of our fan-based publicity campaign, CBS waited eight months before the new episodes aired. The fans did our best, but CBS did not help much through their less-than-aggressive marketing strategy and placement Tuesdays at 10:00 PM.

"Jericho" has become a reference point in media discussions of the accuracy of Nielsen ratings and fan-driven efforts to save shows. While the second season Nielsen numbers reported steadily around six million, "Jericho's" position on the Live +7 (DVR) was solidly in the top fifteen overall and in the top five of all non-reality television shows.

Our ads are one piece of a larger fan campaign to draw attention to our request – BUY OUR SHOW! We, the fans of "Jericho," are a mighty force of viewers/consumers/customers. The network that pays heed to our call will reap the benefits of being the most viewer friendly television network in the world. Think of the marketing opportunities! To those that are subscriber based, think of the new sign ups for one show!

The possibilities are massive beyond the show itself! "Jericho" has been one of the most (if not “the”) successful shows in converging the Internet and traditional television. The Internet presence for "Jericho" is staggering and the broadband and download viewings have been massive. Just ask CBS who has yet to remove the "Jericho" forum from their website because they want to benefit from the advertising dollars. One need only to Google “Jericho” and you will find more websites, blogs, articles, news stories and “buzz” than almost any other show. The smart marketers at your company could build this into a television/Internet franchise of epic proportions.
You, Mr./Ms. Television executive, could be about to make the best decision of your career and there are more than six million of us standing right behind you to back you up!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Nancy Tellem at CBS Paramount. Make the television deal of a lifetime!


On behalf of the more than 6 million "Jericho" fans,
Jeff Knoll
Sell Jericho Campaign

Contact CBS Visit the CBS Jericho Message Boards
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Bring Jericho Back!