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Here before & afters of some the lovely ladies who worked with me!

When you work with me, I never give you just a cookie cutter routine. I'll educate you about your skin barrier, its crucial role in acne and irritation, and the right way to support it. Say hello to making informed choices about your skincare routine!

With 8+ years of experience in the field, I'll be by your side, guiding you through every step of the journey. Your success is my top priority!


"My skin was getting worse the harder I tried to fix it!"

When I decided to seek assistance with my skin I felt like I had hit rock bottom. My skin seemed to get more and more angry the harder I tried to fix things on my own. I was so overwhelmed with all the information out there on how to treat acne naturally. 

Sara stepped in and simplified my routine and solidified my diet plan. It’s been so helpful having someone to always reach out to with my endless questions. Her kindness and optimism is good for the soul too 🙂

This dear client of mine was eating and living well before she came to me with pretty inflamed skin and a lot of congestion. We merely had to make minor dietary adjustments, like focusing on nourishing recipes that my client enjoys plus reducing alcohol intake (which we figured out was a major acne trigger). The most important change was her skincare routine, which shifted from irritating and pore-clogging to acne healing one!


"My skin is finally smooth and inflammation-free!"

“My acne is so much more under control and I have a better understanding of my skin since I started working with you. Thank u so much for helping me take my skin back!!!!”

This client already had a pretty good diet (following a lot of the pro-metabolic principles) when she came to me, but has been struggling with acne for years. She also had good health markers overall, and she only had to modulate her intake of coffee to calm down the stress response in the body.

The biggest issue was the accumulation of inflammation in the skin barrier over time, and using very pore clogging products (like tallow) that just made her skin worse. 

Once we adjusted her skincare routine, her skin cleared up in matter of months!
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"Your confidence that I can heal made me believe it too! And then it happened!"

“My skin has finally turned a corner, and the progress has continued! The acne now is very minimal, with just a couple of zits that usually only come before my period. And I can tell that my skin is just healthier overall—not dry and flaky or oily, as it had been in the past at different times. I’m thrilled to finally have a low-cost, low-maintenance skincare routine that is truly effective!”

I’m pretty sure the dietary changes have been most effective for my skin (which helped balance the hormones), and I know all of the changes have been beneficial for other aspects of my health as well (especially after being on antibiotics and birth control for my skin, which only made things worse in the long run). Possibly the best part, though, is that the skin on my face is not constantly in pain from inflammation and incessant breakouts! I’m SO thankful for all of your help and resources, Sara! I appreciate your balanced and realistic approach, and that you aren’t selling specific products, but equipping people with the knowledge to figure out what works for them. I also appreciate your confidence that healing can happen! At one point you said, “When the inflammation and breakouts clear up…” and I thought, “When? How does she know it’s when and not if?” That “when” not “if” attitude was encouraging to me. 🙂 Thank you so much!!!”
For this dear client, dietary and supplement changes were the most significant as she was trying very hard to do all the “right” things but ended up either reverting to processed foods or eating restrictive diets that didn't nourish her or feel sustainable. What's worse, some of her supplements were breaking her out (like excessive vitamin B12). After learning the basics of how to easily eat for clear skin and overall health, her skin began to heal. Furthermore, we accelerated her progress with the right skincare routine!

"I get emotional now looking at my skin pictures!"

I got a little emotional in this last photo and started crying! Thank you Sara!  I have taken this past year with my skin very slow, incorporating the lessons in your metabolic primer and lifestyle changes. And by doing so I’ve seen improvements on a much wider scale than just my skin!

Also, you have taught me that it’s more about continually implementing lifestyle changes. and not just only about making “progress”. Here are some of the positive changes:

Not waking up with itchy or hurting skin

Appetite in the morning

Rosacea clearing

More of that natural glow! Just softer to the touch

Not obsessed with always washing my face anymore

Feel a lot less anxious, not 100% of the time obviously but able to find that feeling of safety and security in my body with eating enough food

Dropped intense cardio which I didn't realize was just too much for me (running all the time)

For this client, there were definitely some health challenges when we started working together that needed addressing. She was amazing at having the right mindset and slowly implementing the right diet and lifestyle habits that supported her overall health and clear skin. Her new skincare routine helped speed up her progress but it wouldn't have been enough if it wasn't for the amazing work she put in in order to truly heal.


"Clear skin after 20 years!"

“I have struggled with my skin for 20 years and not finding the answers I needed to clear up my skin! What Sara teaches has clarified so much for me (I never understood the importance of the skin barrier before!). I have clear skin at last!!”

This client didn't need to change much with her diet and supplements, but her skincare practices included too many products that just weren't right for her skin. The routine as a whole was overwhelming for her skin barrier, never allowing it to fully heal.

Once we simplified her routine and used only products that were truly beneficial for her (most of which she already had!), her skin cleared up and was glowing!


"People stop me to say how great my skin is!"

“Hi Sara! I want to thank you for the awesome advice and skincare routine you created for me. I get stopped by random people complimenting me on my skin – THANKS TO YOU!! My skin is truly the best it’s ever looked!!! It’s gotten even better since the last picture I sent. I am so so happy to have taken the leap and got in touch with you. Thank you!!!!!!!”

This dear client already had a good diet before she came to me and there wasn't much going on internally that needed addressing. She just needed a skincare overhaul as she has fallen into the trap (as we all do at some point!) of being influenced into various nice looking products with great marketing that do absolutely nothing beneficial for the skin. Once we adjusted her skincare routine, her skin started to get better and better!



"The cheapest skincare routine works the best for me!"

“Sara you’ve been amazing and I can’t believe what you achieved with my skin in just 4 months. I’m 39 and have had issues with my skin on and off since my early 20s. I came to you with the worst perioral dermatitis that I’ve ever had following a stressful period in my life and my ongoing acne problems that I’d just learnt to live with and you literally turned my skin around. I was spending so much money on overpriced skin care and to find you and for you to set me up on so much cheaper and better products was amazing. I was hesitant to see another person about my skin to be told to avoid dairy, avoid sugar, avoid grains because I’d done that for so long and now eating pro metabolic I felt so much better and didn’t want to change my eating habits. I loved that I told you what I was eating and you were happy and confident that eating what I was eating was good and didn’t need changing. I’m so so grateful and when I see a friend struggling with their skin I now know I can help them too by recommending them to you. “

The key for this client, who was mainly struggling with perioral dermatitis, was simply changing her skincare and overall approach to healing. We allowed the skin to heal itself rather than burdening it with endless products that just make things worse.


"So happy to have my skin back on track again!"

“Hi Sara! I want to thank you for the life changing lessons you have taught me! My skin is finally clear again and I know now what it looks like when something isn't working for me. I respect my skin barrier and won't fall again for it gets worse before it gets better nonsense!

This client also didn't need to change her dietary habits or much of the supplements, as she was already doing well. I just encouraged her to follow her intuition and turn to meals that she really enjoys and can prepare herself with quality ingredients, keeping things simple (and more affordable by avoiding all the newest superfood powders and the such on the market that do nothing but empty your wallet). She was always a bit prone to acne, but it was during a time when she noticed some congestion that she decided to try tretinoin and several other products from the Curology line. Coupled with living in a humid area, her skin quickly became very inflamed. She dismissed it at first as “purging” but things just weren't getting better, at which point she decided to work with me.

Luckily she did, and we were able to undo the damage from very irritating skincare products her skin just couldn't tolerate!


"My skin is finally healing!"

My face is the BEST it's been in so long! No new pimples! I had a few tiny ones pop up, but disappeared so fast I barely remember them being there! All the spots you will see are old pimples that just need to fade eventually. If I do get a pimple around my period, they are MUCH more manageable and go away very quickly.

This dear client of mine was trying blindly for a while to “eat for clear skin” but ended up mostly under nourishing herself, due to all the restrictive dieting info out there.

She finally learned how to properly nourish herself without restriction, balance her blood sugar (a big factor in her case) and still enjoy life. Her skincare routine helped a lot to regulate sebum production and calm down inflammation. While she still has her ups and downs (healing is never linear!), she is well on her way to completely clear skin.


"Can't thank you enough for your help!"

I have struggled with acne my entire life. It was at the point where I would get steroid injections because my cystic acne was so bad. My face started to clear up when I was in undergrad, when I found the right combination pill to control my acne. Unfortunately, my doctor had to switch my birth control because I was at risk for blood clots. When I switched pills my birth control my face started to breakout more than it ever did in  my entire life. I wouldn't leave the house without makeup on and even felt self conscious around my family because it was so bad. I tried everything under the sun for my acne and spent hundreds of dollars on products that would fix my acne. At this time I also went on spironolactone, which caused me to have chest pain and also very low blood pressure. Before my wedding I decided to work with Sara and it has completely changed my life, and looking back at my before pictures I could just cry! If you have struggled with acne I strongly recommend purchasing her protocol or working with her directly, it will be the best thing you have ever done! Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge, but she is also so kind and supportive which makes the world of difference. Thank you for everything Sara, you have changed my life <3

This very dear client was feeling so lost when she came to me, she just didn't know what to do when it came to her diet, supplements, or skincare. It was overwhelming and she didn't know what was causing her acne. After going through all her information, I realized it was a combination of internal triggers and irritating skincare, after which we corrected both.

Thankfully, a few months later, her skin started to clear and has since remained clear, no need for band aid solutions like birth control or spironolactone anymore!


"I finally understand what works for me!"

“Feeling so pleased with how my skin looks and feels! Thank you so much, what a difference!! I have had acne since I was 14. I went on Roaccutane when I was about 22. I always used very harsh cleansers as a teenager which I now know was terrible. I can’t think of a period when I haven’t had lots of spots actually! I can finally say that my skin is thriving and is acne-free!

This client struggled with a lot of stress, adrenal burnout and some gut issues. She wasn't aware that some of the foods she thought were healthy were actually harming her, leading to digestive symptoms.

Her supplement regimen was also quite extensive and likely not very helpful at all. Once she learned how to nourish her body properly, without feeling overwhelmed, things started to shift for the better.

Not only did her skin regenerate faster, but her body also became more resilient towards stress. More stable energy levels are also a bonus! Finally, her skincare routine before she came to me was ok for supporting the skin barrier topically, but it wasn't enough to really target her acne. With some minor skincare (and diet/supplement) adjustments, she could finally see the results she wishing for years!


"You are a miracle worker! My skincare is so simple, yet so effective!"

“My skin as you can see is doing really well! The inflammation has calmed down completely! 🙌
My skincare routine is so simple but at the same time very effective. I feel my skin is also feeling really comfortable. I don't feel is greasy anymore in the T zone and dehydrated in others, it feels just right! Thank you for all your help and your recipes too, I am enjoying them. I feel very grateful to have you in my health team 😍”

This dear client had a pretty severe rosacea when we started working together. Due to the amount of inflammation that has been present for a while at that point, she had to go on a topical prescription for rosacea for a few months. However, we made sure to support her skin barrier from the inside out and phase out her prescription as soon as it was safe to do so, and start what I call the “maintenance routine”, which was very gentle yet still effective for keeping rosacea and inflammation in check.

Her skin is now healthy and glowing more and more each day!


Perioral dermatits before after

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