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The Skin Barrier Fix Ebook

No matter which skin concern you might have, you simply cannot solve it without healing your skin barrier first. In my new book, I show you EXACTLY how!

🌟 The Secret To Radiant, Youthful Skin: A Strong Skin Barrier 🌟

A strong skin barrier is the absolute foundation of healthy, clear, and glowing skin.

Yet, it's all too common to unintentionally harm our skin barrier with misguided skincare practices. Your skincare journey should be a harmonious partnership with your skin, not a battle against it.

Regrettably, many fall into the trap of investing in skincare that only exacerbates their skin concerns, wasting money, energy, and time.

That stops now!

🌱An inflamed vs healed skin barrier🌱


By healing her skin barrier, she effectively reduced the inflammation in her skin barrier and healed most of her acne

Signs of an inflamed skin barrier

sign 1

Visible irritation

Your skin is visibly irritated, prone to redness, tightness and itchiness, maybe even with patches that look like rash (like perioral dermatitis)! At this stage, the skin barrierΒ  needs your attention ASAP.

sign 2

Increasing sensitivity

Your skin is getting increasingly more sensitive and reactive as time goes on. You may be at a point where you can barely use any skincare products without causing a reaction or more acne.

sign 3

Dryness or excessive oiliness

Despite using hydrating serums, rich moisturizers, or natural products like tallow or oils, your skin doesn't actually feel more moisturized on its own (like when you wake up in the morning).

Alternatively, your skin may be getting increasingly oily (usually on the T-zone) the more you are changing up your skincare routine. This is the skin's natural defense mechanism against further sources of irritation (akaΒ you).

sign 4

Acne getting worse

Is your acne actually a skin barrier issue? This may be the case if you are using irritating products (natural or not) or practices. For example, dermaplaning, extractions, micellar waters, strong vitamin C serums, scrubs and exfoliating pads can all significantly increase the inflammation in the skin barrier, and make acne worse.

Furthermore, if you are currently going through a purging phase that seems to have no end, you are just breaking out.

Here's what you'll learn In the skin barrier fix ebook:

skin barrier fix book

🚫Avoid the Skincare Pitfalls 🚫

Learn how to easily avoid pitfalls that plague countless individuals on their quest for beautiful skin.Β Β Your skin deserves the utmost care and attention, and that's where I come in.Β 

I'm here to guide you through the principles of how your skin really works, empowering you to create a personalized skincare routine that nurtures and protects your skin barrier.

The book is sold as an ebook via Amazon for 4.99 USD. If you don't have a Kindle device, no worries! You can read it on your Amazon virtual cloud reader, or download a free Kindle app to your smartphone or a tablet and read that way! Simply purchase the book via Amazon, and the book will be sent to your device. If you have any issues, just email me at [email protected].

To purchase on Amazon Australia, Canada, Germany, India, UK and several other countries, go HERE.

Nope, not nearly! The book is mainly focused on the health of your skin barrier and can be applied by everyone, while the course talks much more in detail about various skincare ingredients, how to heal adult acne, hyperpigmentation and slow down skin aging. Of course, the skin barrier health portion is also included in the Skin Rebalancing Protocol, but there is some extra insight about skincare in the book that isn't currently in the course (like purging, potency of products, etc).

The book it isn't necessary if you already have my Skin Rebalancing Protocol, but you might find some extra useful information and more “aha” moments! πŸ™‚

Healing your skin barrier is the absolute first step no matter which skin concern you are trying to solve. Healing your skin barrier might also help you completely heal your skin concern (for example, dryness), but it isn't the norm when it comes to healing adult acne, scarring and hyperpigmentation. For that, you need my Skin Rebalancing Protocol. I recommend following the routine in the book for 2 weeks or longer to heal your skin barrier, then you will see if you need more support after that.

The book is just 48 pages, easy to read in one sitting and therefore quickly absorb the info so you can start applying what you have learned straight away!Β 

Yes, there are exact routine steps and product recommendations that you should be able to access no matter where you are in the world! I highly recommend reading the entire book to understand which routine modifications will work best for you.

The routine outlined in the book is easily customizable to include products and DIY options that you have available no matter where you are in the world. Furthermore, I explain in the book how to select your products, and you can use that knowledge to buy the best products that are available to you.

🌟 Discover Your Skin's True Potential 🌟

It's time to put an end to the endless skincare guesswork and learn how to make your skincare work in harmony with your skin.

You'll learn how to choose products, techniques, and routines that repair your skin barrier and enhance your skin's natural beauty.

*No e-reader like Kindle? No worries! You can read this book using the free Kindle app on your smartphone or table or even directly in your browser by clicking the “Read Now” button after purchase.