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Hello, I'm Sara

I am a former scientist with a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology and a certified Primal Health Coach. After battling persistent acne myself for over a decade, I am dedicated to helping people worldwide achieve clear, healthy and glowing skin. 

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My Skin Rebalancing Protocol and 1-on-1 coaching have helped hundreds get the beautiful skin they deserve. Are you next? 🙂

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following?

– No skincare, medication or supplement has helped so far in clearing up my skin

– Blackheads, whiteheads and bumpy, congested skin are driving me crazy

– I have tried many over-the-counter treatments, dermatologist prescribed creams, etc, but acne always comes back

– I don't feel confident in my skin, especially not without makeup

– I always break out at that time of the month

– My skin doesn't have a healthy glow and is aging fast!

If yes, you are in the right place to get help!

My Core Values


"Thank you so much Sara, so glad I found you!!"​

“I’ve seen people sending you photos of their skin before and after your amazing work that’s helped so many people. I just wanted to show you mine nearly 2 years on. Thank you so much for everything!”

ready to heal your skin?

Working with me can help you to:

– Finally see some progress in how clear and calm your skin is

– Stop experimenting and have a routine that works, even better so with time

– Go out, live your life to the fullest without worrying about your skin

– Look in the mirror every morning, smile and simply move on with your life

– Use your time, energy and money on something much better than throwing it on new skincare (that doesn't work most of the time anyway)

– Feel good in your own skin, and allow your true self to shine through?

Your next step

Tired of the trial-and-error approach?

Education is key to achieving radiant, healthy skin. As your trusted guide, I'll empower you with essential knowledge about your skin barrier and acne, equipping you with the tools to make informed decisions for your skincare journey. Together, we can discover your skin's true potential and unveil a radiant, confident you!

Healthy Skin Glows coaching

work with me

Personalized Healing Plan

I will dive deep into your skin history, current skin condition, diet and symptoms of hormonal imbalances, then create a personalized plan to help you get clear and healthy skin. 

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online course

Skin Rebalancing Protocol

This is a perfect option if you currently struggle with inflamed acne or comedones and need the best skincare routine to care for your skin. Get all my skincare guidelines without the consult!


healthy diet

Simple Skin Healing Recipes​

Here you will find my favorite, super easy recipes featuring many of the foods that promote clear skin, hormonal balance and a healthy metabolism. Included are also acne triggering foods to avoid!