How happy is your skin barrier?

Check out some of the common signs of skin barrier dysfunction below. The more signs you can relate to, the more urgent it is to act NOW to repair your skin barrier!

sign 1

Visible irritation

Your skin is visibly irritated, prone to redness, tightness and itchiness, maybe even with patches that look like rash (like perioral dermatitis)! At this stage, the skin barrier  needs your attention ASAP.

sign 2

Increasing sensitivity

Your skin is getting increasingly more sensitive and reactive as time goes on. You may be at a point where you can barely use any skincare products without causing a reaction or more acne.

sign 3

Dryness or excessive oiliness

Despite using hydrating serums, rich moisturizers, or natural products like tallow or oils, your skin doesn't actually feel more moisturized on its own (like when you wake up in the morning).

Alternatively, your skin may be getting increasingly oily (usually on the T-zone) the more you are changing up your skincare routine. This is the skin's natural defense mechanism against further sources of irritation (aka you).

sign 4

Acne getting worse

Is your acne actually a skin barrier issue? This may be the case if you are using irritating products (natural or not) or practices. For example, dermaplaning, extractions, micellar waters, strong vitamin C serums, scrubs and exfoliating pads can all significantly increase the inflammation in the skin barrier, and make acne worse.

Furthermore, if you are currently going through a purging phase that seems to have no end, you are just breaking out.

So, what now?

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